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Access to Okinawa


Direct access to Okinawa from major Eastern Asian cities such as Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong; as well as from international airports in mainland Japan. There are 15 domestic flight routes to Okinawa -- from Tokyo's Haneda Airport, 23 flights per day, and Osaka Kansai International Airport, 10 flights per day. <As of Aug 3rd, 2010>
Good access both domestically and internationally. Please refer the details below.

Departure Airline career Schedule Flying Time
Seoul Asiana Airlines(OZ) 3/wk 2hrs
Shanghai China Eastern Airlines(MU) 3/wk 2hrs
Taipei China Airline (CI) 2/day 1hr 30min
Hong Kong Hong Kong Airlines(HX)
Hong Kong Express(UO)
2/day 2hrs 30min
Haneda JAL(JL)/ANA(NH) 23/day 3hrs
Kansai Int'l JAL(JL)/ANA(NH) 10/day 2hrs
Fukuoka JAL(JL)/ANA(NH) 14/day 1hr 40min
Chubu Int'l JAL(JL)/ANA(NH) 7/day 2hrs 30min

*The flight schedule is as of Aug 3rd 2010. The schedule may be subject to change. Please confirm with each airline for the latest information.


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