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Why Okinawa

Make participants powerful

Okinawa has been influenced by trading with South Eastern Asian nations like China, Korea and Japan since the Ryukyu Kingdom era; thus has formed a unique culture.
Okinawa has many characteristic places, things to see and feel: UNESCO World Heritage sites like Shuri Castle; top of the world class beautiful coral sea; forest nature in the subtropical marine climate area; textile works like Bingata and Basho-fu; craftwork like Ryukyu lacquer ware and Yachimun pottery; and Awamori distilled liquor.
Reservoir of extraordinary experience -- that is Okinawa.

Secure & Safe. #1 resort destination

Japan is known as one of the safest nations in the world.
Among many resort destinations in Japan, 80 % of the visitors to Okinawa are said to be repeated fans.
The popularity is based on several factors-safety, unique culture and history, and Okinawan's reserved warm hospitality.
Okinawa has one more brand image -- longevity.
The key to a long life comes from the Okinawan cooking and the idea called "food is medicine" which was introduced from China.
Just bring your participants to Okinawa and find out how easy it is to communicate with each other.

Plenty of accommodation and venues to choose from

There are lots of hotels to choose from: luxury beach front hotels to reasonable no-frills hotels.
As for venues, there are a variety of venues: Bankoku-Shinryokan - a place where Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit Meeting was held in 2000; Okinawa Convention Center - a place with maximum 5,000 people capacity; prestigious National Theater Okinawa; and community facilities.
You can find a hotel and a venue that match your program.

Assistance from Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCVB)

OCVB offers various assistance programs for MICE organizers. Some conditions apply.
For details, please contact DMC OKINAWA.


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