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GET THE 7 STARS! ( YAEYAMA Edition)~Scoop out "Star" at the southern island where the Star Sand legendary story is told.~

GET THE 7 STARS! ( YAEYAMA Edition)~Scoop out

This mission-clear style game takes place in two of the most popular outer islands of Okinawa-Ishigaki and Taketomi.

Tropical Charms Hunt in Ocean Expo Park!

Tropical Charms Hunt in Ocean Expo Park!

This mission-clear style game takes place in the Ocean Expo Park, where Okinawa's most popular tourist attraction Okinawa Chura-umi Aquarium stands.

Treasure Hunting Game "Meet Shuri"

Treasure Hunting Game

This treasure hunting game takes place in Shuri district, where the core establishment from the Ryukyu Kingdom Shuri Castle stands.

Maiking Okinawan Music

Maiking Okinawan Music

For explaining how to play instruments and reading musical notes, pictogram is used so that even the first-time-player gets to enjoy playing.

Sharing the great memory of your Okinawa visit is guaranteed by our hands-on cultural experience on playing traditional musical instruments and making Okinawan music in harmony.

Time Warp Treasure Hunting Game"Save the Kingdom"

Time Warp Treasure Hunting Game

The participants can experience Okinawa's history and culture through this program based on a real episode happened in 400 years ago.

Look for Forest Deity! In Bios on the Hill

Look for Forest Deity! In Bios on the Hill

This program gives you a chance to feel the symbiotic relationship between Mother Nature and human beings by clearing tasks given to your team while putting yourself into a natural environment.

This is a treasure hunting game program, in which you look for Forest Deity while solving several tasks in the field of Yanbaru Forest; your game stage is nurtured by the subtropical marine climate which no other places in Japan has but Okinawa.

Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics

Okinawa's unique natural surroundings fostered by a subtropical marine climate as well as its beautiful beaches with their excellent contrast between the blue sea and white sand are renowned throughout the world.

This series uses Olympic events on a dream-like beach to help promote exchange among the participants and build teamwork.

Challenge"Eisa" ~ One of the Okinawan folk performance ~ - Learn from Okinawan tradition -

~感性・一体感・達成感 進化する沖縄の伝統に学ぶ~ 沖縄のPASSIONエイサーに挑戦

Traditional Okinawan entertainment "Eisa" with its swinging dance and rhythm is surely second to none in describing the local life style and passion.

Refine sensitivity, create togetherness and share the achievement. Build your team's strength while experiencing Okinawan culture.

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